The Top Three Most Aggressive Dog Breeds- You’ll Be Surprised!



We often believe that the most common, aggressive breeds are Pitbulls, Doberman Pinscher, and Rottweilers, as they have often been labeled in society and other misleading studies that they are the most aggressive and dangerous. According to a new study by Applied Animal Behavior Science, the most aggressive dog breeds will surprise you; it’s not any of the former three, and are often much smaller. This study also provides statistical facts as to which breeds really are aggressive. Researchers from University of Pennsylvania, along with 6,000 dog owners were studied and surveyed. Read on to discover the top three most aggressive dog breeds.


The top ranking dog breed, out of the 33 dogs surveyed, to be the most aggressive is…the Dachshund. Wow! I would never have thought, much less, consider it the most aggressive dog breed. The study found that “one out of five dachshunds have bitten or tried to bite strangers, and a similar number have attacked other dogs; one in 12 have snapped at their owners.”


The second highest ranking for most agressive is the Chihuahua with Jack Russell ranking in 3rd. Researchers claim that “the bite statistics that have been released in recent years are skewed because most dog bites are not reported. Big dog bites are more likely to require medical attention, but this does not mean that those breeds are doing the majority of the biting.” It is also duly noted that aggressive levels in these breeds is alarming because the percentage keeps rising with rate of and attempted bites.


The breeds that scored the average or below average rate of or attempted bites are Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. The breeds that are the most docile with the utmost least aggression are Bassett Hounds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Siberian Huskies (my favorite breed) and Greyhounds.


Do these research findings surprise you? As a lifetime owner of a variety of breeds, I have to agree with these statistics from certain breeds that I have owned. Also, every Pitbull that I have encountered, as well as Rottweiler, are the most sweetest, loving dogs I have ever met and been around. Unfortunately, the smaller breeds, especially Jack Russell and Chihuahua’s have been the most aggressive that I have encountered.





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